Niels Anders

Researcher @ University of Amsterdam

Guest-researcher @ Wageningen University


Contact information:
Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics - Computational Geo-Ecology
V: - Science Park 904, 1098 XH, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
P: - PO Box 94248, 1090 GE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
E: - n "dot" s "dot" anders "at" uva "dot" nl
E: - niels "dot" anders "at" wur "dot" nl
U: -

Research interest:
1. Monitoring soil pyhsical properties and geomorphological change using UAV-based remote sensing and photogrammetry.
2. Object-based gemomorphological mapping and landscape evolution modelling using airborne LiDAR data.


PhD thesis

Anders NS, 2013. Modeling alpine geomorphology using laser altimetry data, PhD thesis, University of Amsterdam, 143pp.

Journal papers

Smith MJ, Anders NS, Keesstra SD, 2016. CLustre: semi-automated lineament clustering for palaeo-glacial reconstruction. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 41(3) 364-377.

Anders NS, Seijmonsbergen AC, Bouten W, 2015. Rule Set Transferability for Object-Based Feature Extraction: An Example for Cirque Mapping. ASPRS Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 81(6), 507-514.

Suomalainen, J, Anders NS, Iqbal S, Roerink G, Franke J, Wenting P, Hunniger D, Bartholomeus H, Becker R, Kooistra L, 2014. A lightweight hyperspectral mapping system and photogrammetric processing chain for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Remote Sensing 6, 11013-11030.

Anders NS, Seijmonsbergen AC, Bouten W, 2013. Geomorphological change detection using object-based feature extraction from multi-temporal LiDAR data. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters 10 (6), 1587-1591

Anders NS, Seijmonsbergen AC, Bouten W, 2011. Segmentation optimization and stratified object-based analysis for semi-automated geomorphological mapping. Remote Sensing of Environment 115, 2976-2985.

Anders NS, Seijmonsbergen AC, Bouten W., 2009. Modelling channel incision and alpine hillslope development using laser altimetry data. Geomorphology 113, 35-46.

Books & book chapters

Seijmonsbergen AC, De Jong MGG, De Graaff LWS, Anders NS, 2014. Geodiversität von Vorarlberg und Liechtenstein, Geodiversity of Vorarlberg and Liechtenstein. Zürich, Bristol-Stiftung; Bern, Haupt. 304pp, 5 maps.

Seijmonsbergen AC, Hengl T, Anders NS, 2011. Semi-automated identification and extraction of geomorphological features using digital elevation data. Smith, M.J., Paron, P. and Griffiths, J. (Eds). Geomorphological Mapping: a professional handbook of techniques and applications, Developments in Earth Surface Processes, Elsevier, 297-335.

Selected conference proceedings papers/abstracts

Anders NS, Masselink R, Keesstra SD, Suomalainen J, 2013. High-Res Digital Surface Modeling using Fixed-Wing UAV-based Photogrammetry. Proceedings of Geomorphometry 2013, Nanjing, China, 16-20 October 2013.

Anders NS, Smith MJ, Seijmonsbergen AC, Bouten W, 2011. Optimizing object-based image analysis for semi-automated geomorphological mapping. In Geomorphometry 2011, edited by T Hengl, IS Evans, JP Wilson and M Gould, 117-120, Redlands, CA, USA.

Anders NS, Seijmonsbergen AC, Bouten W, 2009. Multi-Scale and Object-Oriented Image Analysis of High-Res LiDAR Data for Geomorphological Mapping in Alpine Mountains. Proceedings of Geomorphometry 2009, Zurich, Switzerland, 61-65


Anders NS, Seijmonsbergen AC, 2008. Laser altimetry and terrain analysis - A revolution in Geomorphology. GIM-International 22 (11): 36-39

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